Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This project is part of Show-Me Yards & Neighborhoods an educational program from the City of Columbia Stormwater Utility - designed to raise awareness about the role urban stormwater runoff plays in the water quality of nearby streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes.

In the course of two years we plan to cultivate, plant, and harvest 4 crop rotations in total – two of sunflowers and two of winter wheat - with the goal of improving the heavy clay soil on site. Our hope is to improve the soil’s drainage rate for stormwater runoff.

SMY&N offers environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional lawn care and household practices that contribute to the runoff of contaminants and excess nutrients.

Half of All Stormwater Pollution Comes From Residential Property

 - Nearly 70% of the pollution in our surface waters gets there through stormwater runoff, according to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency.

- About 50% of that pollution is chemical pollution from products we use for yard care, household activities, and from our yard waste.

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