Monday, May 7, 2012

319 Grant - Four Fragile Arrivals!

Watch your step!  
A mama Killdeer has decided to nest in the gravel near our staging area for the step pools.

Killdeer eggs in a "nest" on the ground in the Pole Yard.

Mama Killdeer faking a broken wing to distract from her eggs.

Our other fragile arrivals are the four fiberglass H-flumes that will be used to monitor both the step pools and the bioretention area.   The manufactured fiberglass H-flumes required were ordered approximately one month ago and arrived on site last week. One flume will be placed at the top of the step pools and one flume at the inlet to the bioretention area to see how much runoff and pollution is going into each treatment feature.  One flume will be placed at the bottom of the step pools and and one flume at the outlet of  the bioretention area to measure how much runoff and pollution is removed by each treatment facility. 

Four H-Flumes delivered last week.  (Flumes at front in photo are upside down.)
H-Flumes allow accurate measurement of runoff.
Sample tube in sidewall of H-Flume assists in water sampling to test water quality.

By measuring the runoff  and sampling water before and after the retrofit BMP, we can determine how much runoff and pollution reduction is achieved using these practices.   Information gathered from the monitoring and testing will inform local engineers on the effectiveness of these treatments for storm water runoff.

In the next couple weeks, crews will be working to install the flumes in their respective treatment facilities.