Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing in the creek!

Summer time is here.  One fun kid activity is going to the local creek and catching crawdads or tadpoles.  Before you know it, the kids are stacking rocks across the creek to dam it up and see what happens next.  Didn't you ever wish you had your own small stream that you could change different things just to see what would happen when the water went through?

Boone County Resource Management has a fun stream table where the possibilities are endless! You can dam, dredge, meander and straighten and "play in the creek" just to see what happens next.  Will the stream bank fail?  Will the channel cut a new path?  Will the house flood?  Will water overtop the bridge?  Stream tables are a great tool to help us understand the dynamic nature of a stream and how one change can affect a series of other changes.  Streams are constantly changing, the stream channel illustrates that point well.  Boone County takes the stream table to various events, usually for kids, but recently had it on display for everyone.  Adults like to "play in the creek" too!

Follow the link to the article for a photo and information about their event:

Boone County showcases stream table demo (Columbia Daily Tribune 6/11/2012)