Friday, January 4, 2013

Crumbling Pipes and Underground Waste

Great story from PBS!  
Crumbling Pipes and Underground Waste:  A Glimpse of Our Nation's Aging Sewer System

See more extra footage from the PBS article here:  Into Pungent Water

City of Columbia sanitary sewer projects that have been completed or are under construction this year:
Annual Sewer Main and Manhole Rehabilitation
Hinkson Creek Outfall Replacement
Hinkson Creek Siphon Elimination
Hominy Branch Outfall Relief Sewer
North Grindstone Outfall Extension Phase 2 (new Battle High School connects here)
Sewer District #165 Maple Bluff (eliminated some sewer lagoons)
Valley View Pump Station Interceptor
Sewer District #169 Edgewood - Westwood
Columbia Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

City of Columbia stormwater projects that have been completed or are under construction this year:
Hitt & Elm
Limerick Lake Water Quality Improvement
Grissum Building Water Quality Retrofits

The above projects are large projects constructed by regional contractors that are the lowest qualified bidder.  The list does not include the many pipes, inlets, and manholes that have been patched, fixed or replaced by Sanitary Sewer Utility or Stormwater Utility Operations crews.  The sanitary sewer utility also has three "flush" trucks that are dedicated to keeping the sanitary sewers clean by eliminating grease and sediment buildups.

Next time you flush your toilet, think of all the behind the scenes work that goes into keeping you and your family healthy!  

All wastewater goes to the Columbia Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.  
All stormwater goes to our local creeks and streams like Hinkson Creek, Bear Creek and Flat Branch.  
Columbia DOES NOT have a combined sewer system.  
ALL stormwater goes to our creeks and streams.