Saturday, May 25, 2013

rain barrel Ivy installation

The City of Columbia Public Works Department through the Stormwater Utility have partnered with Rain Water Solutions Inc ® to provide our customers the opportunity to obtain complete rain barrel kit(s) at a greatly reduced price. 
  • The kit includes the barrel, pre-plumbed quarter turn spigot, and overflow tubing.
  • The lid also acts as a collection point and a diverter kit is not required for installation.
  • You can even connect multiple barrels together!
  • The lid of the barrel can be locked with plastic ties which are included to prevent children or animals from taking the lid off.
  • This offer is open to anyone who can be at the pickup site on June 28. You do not have to be a resident of Columbia/Boone County to order a rain barrel. They work equally well anywhere!
- Orders will be taken until June 23, 2013 -.

- Rain Barrel pick up date June 28, 2013

Video - How to video on the IVY rain barrel system

Helpful instructions on setting it up to collect rain water and it's construction and parts

For more information available on Rain Water Solutions Inc ®  website, click here.