Saturday, June 1, 2013

Level Spreader at Parkside Mulch Site

Recent renovations to the Parkside Mulch Site by Plan B Development include a stormwater level spreader.  Shown below.

The level spreader works to spread the runoff along the length of a vegetated area staked along an existing elevation.  By spreading the runoff across the length of the vegetated area, the runoff is slowed down allowing more stormwater to infiltrate in to the ground below or at least be filitered by the vegetation.  

A closer look at the level spreader shows boards placed on the level.  Gravel will be placed to the top of the boards and screeded off.  Once the boards deteriorate, the gravel creates the level spreader.  The purpose is to minimize the number of concentrated flows so the runoff can slow down and spread across the entire vegetated area.

The pretreatment area shown above allows larger sediment particles from the mulch site to settle out prior to going to the level spreader.

In addition to treating stormwater from the site, the renovated mulch site has a defined area of operation with a gravel working surface to provide a more stable drop off area.