Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What does your favorite restaurant do with their used grease? 
They put it here - in a grease trap.

What happens when the restaurant employee, tired from a long night, walks out to the grease trap, in the rain, to find the lid open or grease trap full?


Grease overflowing this grease trap went down the alley into the storm drain and into Flat Branch Park.  YUCK!

We encourage all business owners to become educated and educate their employees about proper disposal of grease and trash.  Otherwise, their business ends up in our creeks and creates an unsightly and SMELLY! mess that is a health risk to us all.

City crews spent many man-hours cleaning up this mess.

Hey Columbia, it's easy to be clean!  Kostelac Grease Service empties the grease traps on a monthly schedule - for FREE! If the grease trap gets full before that, CALL and they are on site within 24 hours!  The number is right on the container.  Help keep our City clean and do the right thing, put grease in the grease trap and trash in the dumpster.