Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Missouri River Flooding

Missouri River Flooding is a hot topic in the news.  To date, current flood levels have not affected services from the City of Columbia water treatment and the wastewater treatment facilities.  However, City employees are closely monitoring river levels and projections to ensure the safety of our drinking water and nearby waterways.  While the integrity of levees along the Missouri River is being tested, it is an opportunity to look at our local, state and federal policies concerning the Missouri River and its floodplains. 

Here's a link to an informative article discussing the need for a comprehensive plan on the Missouri River:

Missouri River Flooding

The last paragraph summarizes the article saying:

In the end, …people must find better ways to cope with natural disasters, rather than assuming that they can prevent damage from them. "We ought to proceed with the idea of how can we make ourselves less prone to risk, rather than: What are we going to do to stop Nature?”

In other words, try as we might to control Nature, we cannot stop it.  There will always be some stormwater runoff event that humans cannot control. 

How can our community improve its efforts to minimize risk from storm water runoff events?  Comments welcome.